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A day out with Passeu Passeu in Vilanova i La Geltrú.

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Passeu Passeu are Oriol and Lucía. They look for and restore objects, lamps and furniture from the 20th century from Vilanova i La Geltrú. We wanted to go discover their new studio and space in Vilanova, and talk a little about their passion and how the project started. Incidentally, we discovered how beautiful this town is under their recommendations.

Villanueva y Geltrú MYBARRIO Passeu Passeu 8

You have participated in MYBARRIO pop ups on several occasions. Today we want to know more about you. What is your background?

Oriol is a graphic designer and I (Lucía) trained first in fashion design and then in art restoration. We both love photography, we started several projects together, selling our prints online. Then we became interested in furniture restoration and we ended up collecting and recovering design pieces.


What are each of your functions in the project?

Ori does all the graphics and takes photos of the pieces, and I (Lucía) take care of the restoration and manage the Instagram account. Together we search for the parts and document them.

How the passion for vintage designer furniture was born?

We have always liked design and antiques, pieces from the last century, between the 30s and 80s are our favorites. We had a lot of fun looking for curious objects in flea markets or street markets, so we started collecting furniture, lamps, textiles, ceramics at home.

How did you start the story of Passeu Passeu?

We found it a practical way to make sense of our fondness for accumulating objects, sharing them with others. This idea could materialize when we moved from Barcelona to Vilanova i la Geltrú, where we were able to get hold of a warehouse that is also our workshop.


What are the projects you have in mind for Passeu Passeu or your dreams?

In addition to growing with Passeu Passeu, we would like to be able to do our bit in spreading the design made here. Perhaps also, make some foray into the field of interior design …

Villanueva y Geltrú MYBARRIO Passeu Passeu 4

Your favorite design piece from Barcelona?

Well, it is quite difficult for us to choose one, but Lucía likes Correa and Milà furniture, for example, the Barceloneta chairs, and I (Oriol) love the Zeleste lamp designed by Santi Roqueta and Angel Jové.

What times and / or designers inspire you the most?

We have favorites at all times, but if we have to specify, we love art deco and rationalist design between the 20s and 50s, also the radical design and high tech style of the 70s and 80s. As for designers, there would be thousands and very well-known, but we love designers from here, who may have less recognition, and who have a brilliant production such as Eduardo Albors, Joan Antoni Blanc, Gemma Bernal, Enric Franch, and we are sure to forget a lot.


How do you explain the boom in vintage consumption?

We assume that people increasingly value the authenticity that well-designed pieces with a history behind bring in their homes. It is a very creative option to create unique environments, in addition to being sustainable, something that is also taken into account when decorating.

You moved from Barcelona to Vilanova… tell us about Vilanova?

We moved at a time when we were looking for more tranquility without straying far from Barcelona. When we found the apartment we liked, we didn’t think twice. Ori is from there, so we knew it well. Between a small city and a large town, Vilanova is a very comfortable place, with a lot of life and, on top of it, it has the sea.

Villanueva y Geltrú MYBARRIO Passeu Passeu 15
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What places in Vilanova would you recommend us?

To have some cañas and tapas, you have the Machinda, which is also a vinyl store with a well-curated selection. It is also very nice to have a coffee next to the arches of Plaça de la Vila, or a Vermouth in the Ferrán i Gumà park and then stroll along the beach.

Villanueva y Geltrú MYBARRIO Passeu Passeu 11

What is your favorite house in Barcelona? And in Vilanova?

In Barcelona there are so many! La Ricarda by Antoni Bonet is an icon. We also recommend entering La Casa del Patio de Martorell, Bohigas and Mackay or the hall of the houses on Calle Biscaia de Antoni de Moragas. In Vilanova there are very curious modernist houses of Indians, but the one that intrigues us the most is a rationalist villa in the Unió street that we do not see easy to access…

MYBARRIO Vilanona i La Geltrú
Villanueva y Geltrú MYBARRIO Passeu Passeu 5

What does the MYBARRIO project bring you and why do you bet on it?

We believe that the MyBarrio concept has a spirit closely related to our project. We think the idea of having fun discovering the best of the city’s design seems very successful. Behind each event, there is a great job of selecting creatives for which it is a good opportunity to spread. In addition, they always choose the best settings for their events, representing the most beautiful of each neighborhood in Barcelona.

Special thanks Oriol & Lucía for your time.

Photos MYBARRIO & Passeu Passeu.


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