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MYBARRIO was born in 2016 with a simple Instagram account, with the intention of giving visibility to a careful selection of brands, designers, artists and creative projects linked to the creative cities, starting in Barcelona and now Madrid and Marseille. It is a label that promotes a unique selection of local design, fashion, art, home decor and local lifestyle.

“The Place to Be” for a community of creatives and lovers of all artistic disciplines including photography, architecture. 

With great enthusiasm, we are already a growing community, sharing the same taste for aesthetics, giving support to its people, returning to the values of “neighborhood” (barrio in Spanish). We look for new design “treasures” and lifestyle every day and share them in our networks. We organize pop ups, create experiences and sell designs in very limited editions via our online store. Welcome!


EXTRACT the creative essence of a city and make it available to everyone in one place, giving the best possible visibility to its creators and designs.

CONNECT design lovers who need to make sense of what they consume with a different shopping experience, offering them a personal and careful selection.

CONSUME IN A MORE RESPONSIBLE WAY in a friendly environment, because we need to know who we are buying from, how it has been done and support local designers.

GATHER a coherent selection of fashion and lifestyle in one place. We have designers that you can only buy in MYBARRIO, they are limited editions. We bring together all creative, cultural and artistic disciplines.

SHARE with a creative community that has the same values and tastes as you.


Hortense Giraud MYBARRIO The Socialite Family

Hortense Giraud


Behind MYBARRIO, there is the community and many collaborators with values and talent, who have supported and participated in the project. The Alma mater of MYBARRIO is Hortense, a French woman living in Barcelona, who fell in love with the city. She saw the immense creative and cultural potential that she had and in her own way she wanted to unite and promote it. After more than ten years in the massive industry of fashion and design as Buyer and Collection Manager, she turned her life around to approach values that were more related to her; those of craftsmanship, closeness and respect towards others, both her work and her production process. In other words, to approach Slowlife, “Life without haste”…


Nuria Val

Model, Photographer, Influencer. Barcelona

“It makes me very happy to see that an event has finally been created to promote and support talent in Barcelona. MYBARRIO unites and gives visibility to many artists in a well cared and organized space”.

Julien Pounchou
Photographer. Barcelona

“MYBARRIO” or share the singularity by the proximity.

Helena Prat
Actress. Barcelona.

MYBARRIO…where, through creativity, she draws the public’s inner light to inspire and awaken abundance in the authentic.

Carla Cascales 
Artist. Barcelona

“I like MYBARRIO for its unconditional support to the local creators, there are incredible people doing things in Barcelona but it is very common that we have to go out or find our public in other places and it is appreciated that someone gives us a voice and space in our own city, thank you Hortense.

Ariadna Guirado and Ernest Vidal
Founders of About Arianne. Barcelona

“The right place to be if you are creative.”

Lola Giardino

Founder of NonaBruna. Barcelona

“MYBARRIO is the combination of authenticity, talent, collaboration, community and awareness of what you buy.”

Marc Luelmo

Designer of Pinassa. Barcelona

“I think you have to support the local product, and Barcelona is full of talent so MYBARRIO seems like a great idea to me.”

Nadia Pape
Founder of Los Feliz. Barcelona

“The perfect spot in Barcelona for those who want to go further with their clothes”

Clara Privat
Actress. Barcelona

“MYBARRIO is an artistic platform to which I feel identified. All its aesthetics and its search for new creatives makes me feel alive in Barcelona. There are a lot of people doing very interesting culture/art that inspire me and I value and appreciate it. It’s fantastic to be able to discover them in MYBARRIO.”

Javier Reyes
Founder of Refresco. Barcelona

“The love for good design and art pieces based on the quality of the idea and not necessarily the quantity of the sales”

Mariona Espinet & Cris Cirera
Designers of CIRERA+ESPINET. Barcelona

“MYBARRIO serves as an inspiration to designers and design lovers because we know that the selection made by Hortense and his team is made with much criteria and taste, serves to meet new talents in various disciplines related to design. We know that what we will find through MYBARRIO will be of quality and will surprise you”.

Adriana Esperalba
Creative Director of BOBO CHOSES. Barcelona

“MYBARRIO conveys the value of a job well done and the passion of the creators behind it. It is a very good source of inspiration. The cure of MYBARRIO is ideal for the consumer who is looking for products outside of mass consumption and appreciates the aesthetic sense of Hortense”.

Natalia Ramos
Art Director. Barcelona

“MYBARRIO is a meeting point for creators and lovers of authentic and local design. A necessary proposal in Barcelona to give voice and space to projects that are born small but have great potential to go out into the world.


Mónica Figueras


Mónica Figueras, the graphic designer and photographer born on the Costa Brava, now lives in Barcelona. The sensitivity of her gaze and the colours of her negatives define everyday beauty; shared moments and landscapes portrayed from intimacy. Mónica has made our first editorial of photos and 2pop-ups photos. We have a very similar aesthetic.

Leonardo Schiavina

Graphic design

Collettivo Mare is an independent graphic collective born at the end of 2015, founded by Leonardo Schiavina and Luca Cammarata. They work between Barcelona and Italy. Collettivo Mare puts its roots between the link with the sea and the romantic idea of being able to improve the world thanks to its projects. Leonardo has done the last 4 artworks of the pop ups of MYBARRIO and much more. He is already part of the soul of MYBARRIO.


If you are interested in selling via e-commerce or MYBARRIO pop ups, write to presenting the brand, designs or art, attaching everything you think would be useful for us to value your work. The creative project must have a link with the city of Barcelona. We will analyze your dossier and see if the project fits into our editorial line.


You are looking for a new experience, an opportunity to share with a team that has the same values as you. If you want to learn and/or transmit what you know how to do best, write to Tell us what you are looking for and why you have chosen MYBARRIO. We are interested in everything!


If you want to offer us some kind of collaboration, do not hesitate to write to We are always listening. We want to know more about you. And we will answer you what we think of your proposal.


You are interested in giving visibility, promoting your product or your brand with MYBARRIO. You need to generate content about your brand, make a catalog, a photo publisher or create a brand identity. You are looking for an Art Director, a photographer, a model, or on the contrary, clients, brands. We can help you with no problem. Write to us at


We have in our “Frequently Asked Questions” section, many questions already answered. If you don’t find the answer to your question, don’t hesitate to share it with us, and we will try to answer you.



“Entering a MYBARRIO is like entering a world of design and good taste. We always check your exquisite selection of brands. It is a project that we would all like to have, in which quality is above quantity and where love for design is latent wherever you look.”.

– Francesca Tur, Founder of TENDENCIAS.TV. Barcelona

“MYBARRIO consolidates itself as one of the most interesting markets on the Barcelona scene.”

– Yolanda Muelas, Founder of METAL MAGAZINE. Barcelona

“The pop up that more expectations is generated in Barcelona this last year! ”

– Gracia Cardona, Creator of DIARIO DESIGN & Director of ADI-FAD. Barcelona

“The best thing that ever happened to Barcelona!”

– Estel Vilaseca, Founder of ITFASHION. Barcelona

“The connection is one of its main axes: to connect in all senses, to create relationships, to move communities, to create encounters.”

– Verónica Martín, contributor to VEIN MAGAZINE

“MYBARRIO, Barcelona and its creative community” 21/9/2017

– Gemma Cuadrado, Journalist El Mundo Tendencias / Vein Magazine. Barcelona