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Art and MYBARRIO join the movement #StayAtHome

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In the midst of this health crisis, we join the #YoMeQuedoEnCasa – #StayTheFuckHome movement and would like to sensitize everyone to be responsible and stay home. Together we can stop the development of the Covid-19 as soon as possible and exit this (very bad!) series…

We have selected the arts from the creative community we liked the most. Thanks to them also for helping to raise awareness. We hope you will enjoy it a lot.

Cover art: © Ricardo Cavolo

MYBARRIO Lyona Ivanova #StayTheFuckHome

Lyona Ivanova art

If you can, don’t leave the house unless it is necessary.

Let’s think of the others before ourselves.

Every little act counts. We have to slow down the curve together.

Now more than ever, let’s act responsibly to save our neighbourhood, our city, our countryside, our world.

These moments of being at home are unique. They allow us to pause a little the crazy life we have, disconnect, call our loved ones, chat a thousand hours…, read, order, cook, draw, to summarize, a thousand things… 🙂

We can also help our neighbors who need it.

MYBARRIO Yoencasa 3
MYBARRIO Yoencasa 2
MYBARRIO Yoencasa 4
MYBARRIO Yoencasa 1

Discover the @yoencasita Instagram account, they reached the number #123 of things to do while we are in quarantine. They give us very good ideas of everything you can do while you are at home. A @coolturize project.

MYBARRIO Vero Cassiani #responsabilidadsocial

Don’t let design and creativity stop!

At MYBARRIO, you can enjoy going through our blog and online shop made of more than a thousand designs for creative projects and local artists, Made in Spain, Made in Bacelona etc., products.

MYBARRIO Putos Modernos - Coronavirus
MYBARRIO Putos Modernos - Coronavirus 2

Los Putos Modernos (shop), with their huge sense of humor, have released a series of very good posts on Instagram…

MYBARRIO La Mandanga - Coronavirus

Noemí Rebull aka @la_mandanga, illustrator, joins the movement.


Join the civic awareness, responsibility and patience. 

We will all go out.





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