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Claudia Valsells, the great color artist of Barcelona

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Drawing inspiration and, at the same time, enriching and nourishing the world of architecture, design and interior design, Claudia Valsells’ role for 20 years was to transmit the value of colour and its texture in the area of space decoration, Valsells has transmitted tones and textures in the paintings of the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona, in the decoration of luxury hotels at European level, in the creation of two own colour charts with more than 200 colour references and in individual exhibitions in different galleries and contemporary art collections. Claudia participated with a work in MYBARRIO Gallery Vol 7 in the Gallery H2O and today we have the pleasure of having in exclusivity online, her new “Artist Colour Chart” for creatives & architects.

Currently her work is represented by a gallery owner from Barcelona who presents her work on a national and international scale and combines her activity as an artist with that of a colourist and advises on the definition of colours for architecture and interior design.

She has created a school as a colorist being a reference in the creation of colors and tonalities in her country. This artist who began as a mural artist, to evolve as a colorist and artistic painter makes her works come to life as a natural part of the existence of the beauty of the material on the canvas. Her combination of color creates rational emotion, thought and feeling in balance and opens a new path in the search for color and its form.

The “Artist Color Chart” by Claudia Valsells, exclusively in MYBARRIO Shop Online.

Colour chart with 142 colours applied with real print, which allows you to see the exact reproduction of the colour as it will be once applied on the surface. The acetate of the cover placing it on each colour allows to see each reference in glossy finish. The range of colours has been elaborated for use in architecture, both in exteriors and interiors. Its possible use in industrial design pieces has also been taken into account.

The references printed on the back are the name of the colour, regardless of the material with which it is made. Some colors may not be manufactured in all materials by all manufacturers. In any case, the exact reproduction of the colour is directly proportional to the quality of the raw material with which it is manufactured.

Studio Photos: Iris Humm


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