Jewels inspired by artistic movements and architecture.

Klimbim was born in Barcelona in 2014. Johanna, the founder, came to the Mediterranean city to study for a semester and no longer returned to her native Germany. It is precisely on the basis of this circumstance that she finds inspiration, a mixture between her northern European roots and the atmosphere of the stately streets of Barcelona. Klimbim are delicate and minimalist creations oriented towards architecture and artistic movements, such as Bauhaus and Art Deco. They create all their designs one by one in their workshop located in Barcelona and all their pieces are manufactured by local suppliers.

* Klimbim participated in the pop up of MYBARRIO El Jardí Vol 8 in Bornay.


Here we show you a careful selection of Klimbim’s exclusive pieces.


Enjoy this album with the best editorial photographs and lookbook by Klimbim and Mireia Ruiz.


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