You are currently viewing Editorial MYBARRIO Vol.3 by Dora Sicart.

Editorial MYBARRIO Vol.3 by Dora Sicart.

In this editorial, the design was made by Uber Den Wolken, Le T-shirt Fantastique and Coraline. Art and color by Blas García, author of the painting that appears in the photographs.


Editorial MYBARRIO Vol 6

I could not resist the proposals of Uber Den Wolken and Le T-shirt Fantastic, my favorites. The combination of both brands creates a unique and balanced collection.


On one hand, the naturalness of Uber Den Wolken’s clean cut clothes and rustic fabrics. On the other, the fluid, draped and feminine garments of Le T-shirt Fantastique. The perfect tandem to play with garment overlays that defy winter itself. Natural colors with a touch of powdery pink could supersede the dull black of all time to dress us up this holiday season. The icing on the cake is made by the very fine and minimalist Coraline earrings.

Art Direction / Stylism / Photography: Dora Sicart
Model & Make Up: Daria Golubchikova
Text:  Dora Sicart



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