You are currently viewing El Garraf #myparadise in analog. Endless summer.

El Garraf #myparadise in analog. Endless summer.

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Before saying “totally” goodbye to summer, we wanted to pay it a final tribute with an analog photo report that we did in our favourite spot: El Garraf. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as we do.


El Garraf is one of our favorite getaways outside of Barcelona (just 20 km to the south), for its retro small houses, as for its beach, beach bar, town and location!

Garraf is that very “MYBARRIO” jewel that must be cared for and pampered for its uniqueness and value. Its “casetes” (small houses) could be a Unesco World Heritage;)

At the moment, it is a Cultural Asset of Local Interest.

Do not miss the town of Garraf going up behind the Chiringuito, towards the port. We love the small square under the trees, you will be calmer.

Les Casetes del Garraf were gradually formed at the beginning of the 20th century. They are white and / or green wooden houses that fishermen used to store their fishing utensils. The truth is that this grouping of houses is so successful and homogeneous that it is a pleasure for the eyes.

Les Casetes del Garraf have served as the setting for the filming of various films or shootings. It is very graphic and visual. There is no booth that looks like another. They are all unique. There are 33 of them.

One of the most special designs on the beach is the vintage turquoise and white showers.

We recommend going out of season, when you want, less in summer … so you can enjoy the beach with much less people. You can also take advantage and take the walk in the middle of nature to Sitges, it is worth it.

Do not miss the Bodegas Güell, Celler Güell in Catalan, the work of the architect Antoni Gaudí. They were built between 1895 and 1901.

We love to go very early in the morning, have a coffee on the terrace of the Chiringuito, as well as the Sir of the photo.

We also love going in to order a take out snack in the retro bar “La Llar del Pescador” and looking at the bar and the blue and white tiles.

Finally, drink the last beer of the day in the town square and eat at the Train Station Bar (that is a secret for the moment, until everyone knows it).



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