Lilac analog camera


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This lilac analog camera is a reusable 35mm camera designed by the POP Cámaras brand. This pack includes:
– POP camera
– Water resistant housing
– Strap for camera
– FOTOIMPEX 35mm Black & White film ISO 100 36 exp roll
– Instruction manual

Make your best moments, unique and stylish images!

Real colours may differ slightly to the colours you see on your monitor.



To load the spool, press the button (1) down. Open the back of the camera (2). Open the lever upwards (3). Raise the rewinder up and insert the spool.

Put a 35mm film in the camera. Lower the rewinder. Stretch the negative to the right.

Close the back of the camera and pass the film (1) until you reach the first image. Press the button (2) to shoot. Skip the movie to go to the next image.

To put it in the water use the housing. The housing is water resistant, it is advisable not to submerge it as water could enter. If a few drops enter, neither the camera nor the film will be affected. Some water may seep into the housings as they are not excessively submersible. The cameras are entirely made of plastic and if water enters, absolutely nothing happens to the camera or the film, so you should not worry about it.

Make sure the rubber seal is free of any dirt to form a waterproof seal. Close the back cover of the case. Close the clip on the case firmly.

To rewind the film after you have finished the roll, press the button on the bottom of the camera.

Raise the rewind lever, and rewind clockwise as indicated by the arrow. When the counter returns to the start (S) you can take the film.

1-The best distance to focus is at least 1.2 meters.

2-If when the film passes the rewinder does not turn, the film is not passing.

3-Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

4-Salt water can be corrosive to the housing.

Any help you need, for example to be able to put your first reel, ask us and we will send you a small explanatory video to solve possible doubts.

Brand: Pop Camaras
Manufacturing: China

Additional information

Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 6.5 × 3.0 cm




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