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Book “Illa” by Salva López, edited by Terranova. In a short period of time, Salva López and his partner visited several islands: Japan, Taiwan, Bali, Komodo, Mallorca and Menorca. And for some reason, after a sentimental crisis, he decided to travel completely alone to Lanzarote, another island, to seclude himself in his thoughts, and photograph the volcanic landscapes as a healing therapy.
Returning, both home and to the broken relationship, Salva decided to turn this duality into a book: the colour photographs of his travels as a couple, mainly portraits of her, and the large desolate and desert black and white landscapes.
To find the right form for this dialogue between colour and black and white images, Salva turned to the young designer Eloi Gimeno. Eloi had the brilliant idea of taking advantage of the uncut folds of the binding to trap the images of the woman and leave the landscapes in view, turning the book’s own format into a metaphor for the memory and coexistence of images of the past and the present.
To see them in their entirety or to leave them as ghostly images only intuitive through the transparency (or opacity) of the paper is at the will of the reader.
Carefully selected for you, by MYBARRIO.

33 diptychs, 1 folding diptych, 10 pages and covers.
Printed in Arcoprint Milk and Creator Gloss.
Covers in Curios Matter Black Truffle with varnish.
Sewn and glued binding in black ink.
Size: 242x320mm.

Brand: Terranova
Manufacturing: Spain
Composition: Printed on Arcoprint Milk and Creator Gloss.
Covers in Curios Matter Black Truffle with varnish.
Sewn and glued binding in black ink.

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Dimensions 24.2 × 32 cm


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