Magazine “Gong! #2” – Rosa Cadina


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Magazine “Gong! #2” by Rosa Cadina, edited by Terranova. GONG! is a quarterly monographic publication. Each issue is dedicated exclusively to an artist, who is given 48 pages plus covers to do as he pleases, with minimal interference from Terranova. In a separate sheet of the same format and in a single ink, an exhaustive interview is included where the artist’s trajectory is reviewed and the motivations that have led her to do what he has done in the pages of the magazine. The header of the magazine, which goes in the offprint, changes in each issue and is designed by the artist himself.
This is the second issue, published in spring 2015 and dedicated to the occasional stylist and photographer Rosa Codina. Rosa decided to dedicate the publication to her daughter and what surrounds her, in a project entitled “Autour de Alia” and with which she preferred to base the monographic component on the motif rather than on temporality or technique.
The publication covers several years, from Alia’s childhood to Alia’s adolescence, while subtly reviewing Rosa’s relationship with photography through the combination of images created with many of the analog and digital cameras she has used over time. The editorial narration, decided by the author herself in a meditation carried out over months, bets on an instinctive and abstract discourse, based on rhythmic and chromatic perceptions.
The interview in this issue was conducted by playwright Roger Bernat and the portrait was taken by Daniel Riera, both close friends of Rosa.
This is Roger Bernat’s introduction to Rosa Codina:
“If there’s one thing they share in the world of fashion, childhood and the lumpenproletariat, it’s the number of hours of boredom that have to be suffered and that end up becoming a way of life, seasoned with drugs, sugar and melancholy.
Rosa Codina, first a stylist and then a photographer, transposes the gaze of the fashion photographer to those other worlds, childhood, poverty, in which the languor of the model becomes a form of resistance. Faced with our world that demands action and results, Rosa Codina’s photography returns snapshots in which her protagonists, people or landscapes, seem to have been suspended, alien to reality, disconnected.
It is no coincidence that in this selection of photographs of Alia’s life and surroundings, one of the recurring themes is silence. In front of the one who asks you, in front of the one who photographs you, the greatest resistance is not to answer, not to pose. This is the strength of Rosa Codina’s photography, she is capable of asking questions without waiting for an answer.
Carefully selected for you, by MYBARRIO.

48 pages.
Printed on Lumigloss paper 90 gr.
Covers printed on Lumigloss paper of 300 gr.
Binding: Stapled.
Triptych insert printed on Munken Lynx from 130 gr. to two inks.
Size: 270x370mm.

Brand: Terranova
Manufacturing: Spain
Composition: Printed on Lumigloss paper 90 gr.
Covers printed on Lumigloss paper of 300 gr.
Binding: Stapled.
Triptych insert printed on Munken Lynx from 130 gr. to two inks.

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