You are currently viewing Miriam Cernuda: “They are ceramic although it sounds like a forest.”

Miriam Cernuda: “They are ceramic although it sounds like a forest.”

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Discover Miriam Cernuda, designer and soul of Working in the Redwoods, a ceramic brand that we bet on from our first pop up at Casa Gracia and now for sale at MYBARRIO Shop. Her source of inspiration is nature and we can reach her through the materials she uses in her pieces. Her code: minimalism and earth colors. Each of its pieces is unique and unrepeatable; they are bits of nature that we can take home.

MYBARRIO Working in the Red Woods Store

Miriam Cernuda is an industrial designer focused 100% on her passion, ceramics. Her work process is very interesting, she strongly believes that there is a connection between objects and individuals. And it is there where she puts all the delicacy of her work, in which that relationship is special with unique pieces for our day-to-day: decorative objects, kitchen accessories, lamp design and household items. To make you know her a little more, she is Miriam.

MYBARRIO Working in the Red Woods Taller

“I grew up between the beaches and forests of the fishing village of Tossa de Mar, now I live in El Born. The tramuntana, the smell of the trees, the colors of the sunset, the sound of the river, of the sea, the forms … thus my enthusiasm for beautiful and simple things was born, and where I found the harmony of nature itself. Now I enjoy all that in the summer, I love everything the summer offers. And when I say everything is everything, even the withering heat of August with its cicadas that don’t keep quiet. Absolute fascination!

MYBARRIO Working in the Red Woods Tienda

I trained in jewelry and industrial design to know and research materials and techniques, I wanted to learn new things. And when I started creating objects with my own hands I stumbled upon the ceramic. Working on it, its process, the materials, the purpose, creating something from nothing… I felt that it was very mine, very much for me. That was the beginning of Working in the Redwoods.

Working In The Redwoods was born in California where I discovered the forests of Redwoods, prehistoric, ancient trees and for me very special. Did you know that they are connected to each other by the roots? As if they were shaking hands, as if they lived in community. Is incredible. That peace, that energy that I felt in those forests was the same that I felt when I lived in Tossa de Mar. Those two moments met in a jump in time. I wanted to live and work right there or take the entire forest home. As that was quite complicated, I tried to get her to come with me in some way, so I gave her project her name so that all that feeling could also be put by my creations.

When I create an object, I don’t just think about its usefulness. The sensations that an object transmits through its color, its shape, its size, texture and even its weight is very important to me. Although we don’t realize everything around us makes us feel something and what I want to achieve with my pieces is that this relationship is special. In my case the minimalist forms define me, it is amazing when a simple piece can achieve such magnitude.

When I start to make an object, I start a conversation with the material. I wonder and wonder what he wants to be and I let it begin to take shape. And I just let them be what they want to be, a jug, a bottle, a plate… without pretending to be anything else. I never seek perfection, no piece should be the same, it is important that each one must be unique.

MYBARRIO Working in the Red Woods Cerámica

From my neighborhood, El Born, I recommend getting lost in its streets, apparently empty and lonely, but in reality they are full of shops, small shops, bars of all kinds, artists’ workshops … And that makes it very “barrio”, very special and very different . And from my neighborhood of birth, I call it “my town”, I recommend walking through its cobbled streets towards the castle of the sea. You also have to look up from time to time and see all the balconies full of bells.

I like the idea of MYBARRIO to give visibility to artists, to make them come back, to have access to objects that are not found elsewhere and give them the value they deserve. To stop mass and pointless consumption and discover talent that has a lot to teach. “

Find Miriam’s designs, ceramics and earrings in MYBARRIO Shop online.

Photography: Elisa Aguilar

Writing: María Collado

MYBARRIO Working in the Red Woods Making of



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