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MYBARRIO Creators #AtHome tell us about their experience

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In full confinement, instead of being able to do it physically with Pop Ups, we wanted to bring together, online and from their homes, part of the creators, artists, entrepreneurs of our e-concept store in the same post to recreate in a certain way what is the “Casa MYBARRIO” and feel again the power of the local community. Also, we wanted you to be able to put a face on them, to see precisely what they look like, with the support of MYBARRIO, who create the fabric of a world and more responsible consumption. This is the world we want to build for tomorrow.

From their homes and like everyone else today, they spend their whole lives there, many of them creating and manufacturing with their hands from their home-studio. In general, their lifes as entrepreneurs, self-employed, unique creators, have not changed much on a daily basis, but have been greatly affected. Many projects have been canceled, and today more than ever, they need the support of society, for a closer consumption, more aware, slower, without haste, what is called slowlife. Like neighborhood businesses, they create identity, charm, closeness, human warmth, made with passion and love.

Today they open their houses, so you can meet them in their living space. Hopefully you enjoy it very much.

If you still don’t know their designs, to see each one of them, click here.

Mati Cini

“These weeks have been a journey. I have revisited parts of myself that I have long refused to see. I have met my companions with a new and moving depth. I have inhabited every corner of my house with impatience, anger, rancor, frustration, love, pride, patience, acceptance. This new floor, where I moved just a few months ago, has become soft and comfortable like an old shoe that takes the shape of the foot: and I feel that something similar has happened to myself.

I know that I am incredibly lucky to be able to stay in a nice house with loved ones. And today more than ever I feel that this should be everyone’s right, and not a privilege.” Matilde

To see Mati Cini’s designs in our online shop, click here.

Kiki Ljung in her home.

To see Kiki Ljung’s  artworks in our online shop, click here.

Naida C. Castel in her home. 

MYBARRIO Creators en casa Poco ruido muchas nueces
Poco Ruido Muchas Nueces

“The nueces are each at home and working from home to the fullest. Our day to day, now and before confinement, is based on two pillars: the creative study, where we give life to ideas in their 360º, and our Nueces, our most personal and emotional project so far.

As creatives, this period is being a bit weird. On one hand, and naturally, we are concerned about what is coming upon us, even more considering that we are a small studio and family… But on the other hand, this instability and emergency situation is constantly feeding our desire to create and reinvent ourselves.

I think that for the first time in our lives, what we have heard so much about CARPE DIEM makes sense. None of us knows what will happen, the future (for the moment) does not exist, it is a gift and we must earn it. So now that we have time, I encourage everyone to think carefully about how you consume and why. At the end of the day you will be proud to have contributed to a life-long future.” Laura

MYBARRIO Creators en casa Aro Swimwear
MYBARRIO Creators en casa Aro Swimwear

Dani de Aro Swimwear in her home.


“These weeks working from home have been giving us time to reflect on many things, and we have been able to work on projects that have been pending for a long time. Besides, we note that thanks to the silence and the slowdown caused by the health situation, we can enjoy way more the creative processes like making new designs, product photography and thinking about new packaging and postcards. Though there are many workshops and suppliers that cannot deliver the new pieces to us, we have been able to launch some new designs, and we are closing a capsule collection. Above all, what gives us the energy to continue fighting and being excited about the project right now is the support and affection we receive from our clients, who keep buying our products through the website. ” Johanna & Edgar

To see Klimbim’s jewelery in our online shop, click here.

MYBARRIO Creators en casa Masia clara
MYBARRIO Creators en casa Masia clara

Clara Màsia

“I am trying to focus on these quarantine days  in a positive way. It is helping me to think about new projects and how I can approach it in a different way, following my personal style, but still, I keep creating new content as I have done forever.”

To see Clara Màsia’s art in our online shop, click here.

Lava Objects

“This is a unique moment to value and thank, to feel without judging, a moment to not be afraid of fear, to rethink who we are and what we want, to evolve. It is a valuable opportunity to reinvent ourselves individually and socially. ” Laura


“We are living this experience as a time of observation and personal introspection, rediscovering every corner of our house. At the moment, the importance of the design and architecture of the home in which we now spend most of our time is accentuated. The light that bathes our space, the sound that penetrates the facade or the quality of the objects that surround us generate a unique environment, a reflection of ourselves. ” Xènia and Eduard

Carmela Caldart

“My rhythm has changed a bit working from home, but during these weird days I have tried to maintain normality as much as possible. Meditation in the morning has been very important, as well as sunbathing on the terrace when I can. When all this ends, I would like to take with me this rhythm a little slower and calmer, enjoying the details and small moments of the day. I think we will not return to normality from before, but perhaps it can be a good thing and we can learn to take better care of ourselves and others. “

To see and buy the works of Carmela Caldart, click here.

Beti Guasch

“Because I always gave great importance to the homes I inhabit (I suppose that is due to professional deformation…  ah ah) this confinement has become very bearable. My house is small, but I have a terrace and the light floods every corner and that it is a privilege, now more than ever.
In terms of work,  this period has hurt me a lot in terms of sales. It is a fact that it is impossible for small businesses to fight against the giant online sales platforms. The only hope we have is in the power of people, because from above they do not help either.
However, this situation is also helping me a lot to become aware and see where I want to go with jewelry. It’s sad that it has to be the way we think, but I think from now on I will know how to do it more often.” Beti Guasch

Agustina Studio

“During these moments in quarantine, we have thought a lot about the importance of bringing a positive approach to our work, and how it can influence those who enjoy Agustina designs. May the power of color, shapes, rhythm of the compositions of our patterns … transmit, connect and make you feel good. ” Diana and Oscar

MYBARRIO Creators en casa Livingthings
MYBARRIO Creators en casa wisdom Care

On the left: Sandra and Xavi, BAG Disseny Studio designers and editors at Livingthings.

A la derecha, Chloé de la marca de cosmética natural, Wisdom Cares


“Days to think, or to stop thinking so much, to do so much, to run so much… days to be, to value and be valued, to love and be loved. Finally we have had time, to rest, to rethink, to fit the pieces, interior and exterior, parallel worlds in the same universe. Through Livingthings we like to pay attention to small things: a gesture, a look, a light, a smell, a sound, an object. Surround ing ourselves with everything that we appreciate takes a special relevance these days. Through Livingthings we like to think that we make objects that speak. They speak of beauty, proportion, luminosity, rhythm. They speak of sensitivity and experimentation, of culture, daring, humor, magic. They speak of ideas and concepts, ways of thinking and ways of living. But above all, they talk about those who have them. ” Sandra and Xavi

MYBARRIO Creators en casa Casa Atlantica

Belén and Lester from Casa Atlântica

MYBARRIO Creators en casa Kris mikita
MYBARRIO Creators en casa Round Table

On the left: Cris by Kris Mïkita, a brand of bags and accessories made in Barcelona.

On the right : Martí from the Round Table wines.

MYBARRIO Creators en casa Vogel

Alícia Vogel 

“I am going through this quarantine with good days and others not so much. I have weird dreams some nights. I do not force myself to produce with timings, I am operating at a completely different rate, I have picked up books that I had half left and drawing and board to digest the moment. I still haven’t made bread. “

To see Alícia Vogel’s collection, click here.

Thank you very much to the entire community, both creative and readers, followers, customers, this union is so unique. There is no doubt that there will be a before and after Covid-19. From everything you learn, in every situation, there are opportunities, and above all not to lose sight of the fact that after the storm, the sun rises.



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