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MYBARRIO Curators: Nur Casadevall, Film Maker.

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We are fascinated by the world and the aesthetics of Nur Casadevall, one of the most talented film makers in Barcelona and with an international projection, represented by the producer Canada in Spain. In her films, architecture and music go together. “Beauty” is her leitmotiv. And dance, voice and art are very present. Nur is already a seal.

Being her number one fans, today we are very excited that she becomes part of our MYBARRIO Curators, as part of the creative community that we form. Enjoy her neighborhood tips and let yourself be carried away by our selection of 3 videos from her portfolio.

MYBARRIO Curators Nur Casadevall 2

Nur Casadevall was born in 1990 in the Alt Emporda. She studied at the Superior School of Cinema and Audiovisuals of Catalonia and today, she lives in Barcelona. Her fashion films and audiovisual pieces are full of creativity and freshness that take us to a 100% dreamlike world full of beauty.

Hi Nur. What do you do and why?

I am dedicated to making videos (advertising, music videos, fashion films …).

“Since I was little, I had an obsession with mermaids. I dreamed of being one. But when I was old enough to start reading myths – the Odyssey, for example – I realized that they were not these perfect idyllic beings, but true evil manipulators! This video is a tribute to what mermaids meant to me, before I grew up. I don’t think I’m the only girl who shares that feeling… “

How to be a Mermaid

MYBARRIO Curators Nur Casadevall

What is your neighborhood?

Dreta de l’Eixample, Barcelona.

What is your relationship with design?

I have always enjoyed to see and discover. It fascinates me.

How did you start in this creative world?

Since I was very little, my aunts, my grandmother and my cousins are dedicated to the world of art, so in the family I had many people who inspired me, and from a very young age I locked myself in the workshop of my sister or my aunt to draw or paint.

Why do you identify with MYBARRIO, what does it give you as a platform?

I think it is a platform that helps to know talents of this city! I have discovered many artists with MYBARRIO.

MYBARRIO Curators Nur Casadevall 6
MYBARRIO in three words.
Who is your favourite designer from Barcelona?
MYBARRIO Victor von Schwarz
MYBARRIO Victor von Schwarz 2

What emerging artists inspire you?

Albert Madaula, North State.

Albert Madaula MYBARRIO
Albert Madaula

In Barcelona, what do you recommend…

A restaurant?

Messié Gluten Free Grace. Syracuse 15.

A store?

The Mercat de Sant Antoni.


Chatelet de Gracia.

A coffee?

Mama’s cafe.

A “neighborhood” site?

Verdi Street.


Yoga, pool.

An indispensable design / object?

Santa Cole.

MYBARRIO Curators Nur Casadevall 5

In MYBARRIO Shop Online…

Your favorite overall design?

Mam, LÖV

Your favorite accessories?

Gonzalo Cutrina, Gina Cusachs

Your favorite decoration design object?

The ceramics of I & You Ceramics de Gracia

Thank you very much Nur for your time.



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