You are currently viewing MYBARRIO Discover n°2, our October top 10

MYBARRIO Discover n°2, our October top 10

MYBARRIO News October 2020 # 1

We came back with our second edition of MYBARRIO Discover, an e-magazine of discoveries. How difficult it is to select 10 projects;) Here you have them. We always like to show you different proposals related to arts, fashion and local culture.

If you have missed our nº1, here you have it already online by clicking here.

Happy bank Holliday!

(Cover photo: Alba Yruela x Dora Daar)


MYBARRIO Barcelona – Vintage

Alabama Collect is a project that pre-selects vintage garments and accessories. It has a showroom in Poblenou. Pallars 141. Attic A.


MYBARRIO El Masnou – Places

The new Mas Vell (1876-1887, Historical Heritage, Asset of Local Interest) has just opened in El Masnou. The reform is from @stefano.colli. (Photo @leocroma)


MYBARRIO Spain – Brands

A project of hand painted plates in Spain by The Pla Te Ra. A preciousness.


MYBARRIO Madrid – Food design

Juana Pepa is the author of manuals to enjoy life. Juana prepares some incredible tables to enjoy a true experience in every way.


MYBARRIO Barcelona – New Foodie Spot

The new restaurant of chef Augusto Mayer de Proper (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Your plus; your wood stove. Banys Vells 20.


MYBARRIO Barcelona – Retail

Iván and Txema have opened the world’s first queer kiosk in Eixample, the Odd Kiosk. Valencia 222.

MYBARRIO-Dora Daar- Arbol Oráculo


MYBARRIO Barcelona – Creative project

@pepideboissieu and @natsly create Dora Daar, a very inspiring creative project. Recently they created as their first object, the “Oracle” carpet, made to measure for a tree. Ideal for reading, lying down, star gazing, having a picnic.

(Photo @albayruela, Art Direction @apreski).


MYBARRIO Music – Festival

A music festival from October 9 to 11 in Sabadell. Our favorite artists are Alicia Carrera, Egosez, Núria Graham, Titi Calor. Planazo.


MYBARRIO Barcelona – Design

The Festival of design, creativity and innovation is back, the Blanc! October 23-24. Design Museum.



MYBARRIO Barcelona – Architecture

The Barcelona architecture festival is back on October 24 and 25. 124 buildings will open. We have discovered so many sites thanks to this festival. It’s unique.

Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us what you would be most interested in seeing / reading.

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