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Open Call for MYBARRIO Madrid – First Edition

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¡Hola Los Madriles!

Breaking news. Perhaps it is one of the most important news since we have launch the project. Always with the same philosophy of ours, that we have applied in Barcelona, the city of design, ​​of creating a local community, hunting creative talents with the same criteria / very clear line, promoting local design and lifestyle of a city and gathering them under the same roof, we are very excited to announce that we expand our vision to a new and very special city: Madrid!

Today, we open the call for the next Pop Up, March 28th and 29th. Fill out your application now, for more information (we give priority to the first registrations until full capacity), by clicking here.

With the experience of 11 events in Barcelona, ​​ending the year 2019 with a X-Mas edition in the spectacular Modernist Campus of Sant Pau with more than 6,000 people in one day, we decided to launch new challenges and challenges, opening MYBARRIO in Madrid.

And we are going to do it with one of our mythical “Experience & Design Pop Ups”, which was how we started in Barcelona in 2016.

Now we will start doing what we most enjoy: investigate all those treasures of designers and creatives of the city of Madrid and gather them in the same venue and date.

Therefore, today we open the long-awaited call for the next MYBARRIO Madrid Vol 1, on March 28th and 29th in a unique space in the center of Madrid, still secret, to all those who are identified with MYBARRIO, who are looking for a showcase for be able to showcase and sell your creations or products.

Entering the MYBARRIO world is like entering a great “house” and community in which many synergies are created with projects and people who have the same concerns and tastes as you. MYBARRIO is an event-fair with its own identity and style, of human size, with a direct, personalized treatment, in which we take care of all the details.

In that Pop Up, we promote and sell designers, artists, local brands in Madrid (emerging or more established), opening the call to guests “Special Guests” from Barcelona and other creative cities.

You can leave your request if you want to have your own sales or promotion stand at MYBARRIO, either:

  • A designer, a brand, an author
  • A creative collective, a study,
  • A craftsman, entrepreneur, local producer,
  • An artist, illustrator, photographer,
  • An interior designer, architect,
  • An online platform, a start-up,
  • A unique store, an art gallery
  • A Food & Drinks store or brand etc.

You can exhibit, offer or sell all kinds:

  • of designs, objects, new or vintage / renovated,
  • of services, provided that have a “design” touch and a careful image-identity …

… fashion, accessories, furniture, art, objects, decoration, lifestyle, illustration, gastronomy (food & drinks) and more creative disciplines.

Finally, as we will be “new” in beautiful Madrid, we are interested in meeting all kinds of creative people in the city, photographers, film makers, architects, interior designers, artists, authors, art directors, graphics, musicians, food designers, bars, restaurants , singular spaces and many more, that are in tune with our philosophy and style. So do not hesitate to make yourself known and be part of our community, writing us through the form.

We have everything to build in Madrid. We are so exited, you can’t imagine!

Do not miss a second so that we can know your work. If your profile fits our editorial line, following your request, we will send you the conditions and details of the next pop up in Madrid.

Fill in your request now, clicking here.

Thanks so much for your time. 




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