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A Barcelona architecture studio stands out in NYC

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The emerging designer Christopher John Rogers, premiado este año con el prestigioso CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund, Emerging designer Christopher John Rogers, awarded this year with the prestigious CFDA  / Vogue Fashion Fund, triumphs at New York Fashion Week with a set designed by Sauras + Garriga, the studio of the Spanish Sergi Sauras and Mery Garriga.


Barcelona, February 17, 2020.- The world of fashion was summoned last week in New York to celebrate the New York Fashion Week, a global event that counted a Spanish presence in one of its most talked about fashion shows. The Barcelona studio Sauras + Garriga was commissioned to create the set design for the new collection by the emerging designer Christopher John Rogers. Billed as the great promise of American fashion, Rogers has been the latest CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund Award winner, and selected as one of the most influential creatives on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. The designer has dressed celebrities such as Michelle Obama or Rihanna, and his presentation was expected with great anticipation.



The space created by Sauras + Garriga, the studio of the architect Sergi Sauras and the designer Mery Garriga, represents a declaration of the values highly connected to the John Rogers brand, far from the conventional canons of the fashion world. Adopting seemingly contradictory elements, its collections fuse glamour with pragmatism and represent a contemporary interpretation of what it means to dress a woman with elegance and daring.


In this sense, the setting of a Christopher John Rogers show should embody the idea of what it really means to be elegant, and the brand entrusted Sauras + Garriga with the challenge of doing it through a space that brings the public closer to a theatrical and architectural experience. “The poetic quality of Sergi and Mery’s projects is what made us want to work with them. The challenge was to give depth and meaning to a space through an apparently simple concept, maintaining a visually minimalist, elegant and refined atmosphere,” says Christina Ripley, brand director for Christopher John Rogers.

In the same way that Christopher reinterprets what is the essence of fashion design, the Barcelona studio’s proposal starts from the essence of the first fashion shows. Going back to the 1910s, the first collections were displayed in private salons of Parisian high society, with models walking in the light of elegant chandeliers and surrounded by thick curtains. Fashion became known as an intimate experience, with a theatrical component.


Is it possible to create a space that breathes the theatricality of the classic for an eminently modern designer? For Sauras + Garriga, nothing is mutually exclusive: “We offer a contemporary interpretation of the classic spaces where the idea of fashion was created as we understand it today. A proscenium of an almost theatrical nature with long curtains derived from the image of the old salons Parisians, who open subtly to make way for the models, walking under the subtle light of a large chandelier”, explains Sergi.


Lighting is an important part of the project. To achieve the desired effect, Sauras + Garriga presented the Spanish brand Santa & Cole to the designer. Finally, the Cirio luminaire, by Antoni Arola, was chosen in an imposing combination of three chandeliers of different dimensions with a diameter of more than 5 meters, floating lightly on the catwalk, bathing the models in their dim light.

For Sauras + Garriga, this commission of designing a set for a fashion show in New York has been their first project in the United States. “It has been a precious opportunity for us. Christopher has an enormous creative force. From the first moment we wanted him to be involved in the design process and it allowed us to develop a narrative that reflects 100% the values that are important to him“, Mery points out.

About the challenge of designing an ephemeral experience, they point out that “the beauty of such a project is the challenge of designing against the imminent disappearance that is given by its temporality. In the end, our work will only live in the memory of people. The objective is that this memory will be unforgettable.


About Sauras + Garriga

Sauras + Garriga is an architecture, interior design and design studio founded in Barcelona by the architect Sergi Sauras and the designer Mery Garriga. Together they carry out projects of different scales where they try to tackle great ideas through simplicity and an appreciation for detail.


Client: Christopher John Rogers

Architecture / Set Design: Sauras + Garriga (Sergi Sauras, Mery Garriga)

Photography: Montse Capdevila

Collaborators: Santa & Cole (Cirio lamp by Antoni Arola)


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